Say "Hello!" to the New Camiguin Guide

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I've made a lot of promises, over the past few years (here and here), that details my plans of the site. The site has undergone a couple of updates on its CMS (Content Management System); the contents, however, are all the same.

Before I lay out a new roadmap, I want to highlight some things that happened last year...


I went home to Camiguin for a much-needed holiday break and took some sunset photos & a video clip. With the trip was a plan to take a plane ride back to Cebu thru Cebu Pacific. It was an utter failure, an experience I'll be sharing in a couple of days. (Hint: You might be better off traveling via Bohol or CDO by boat.).


The year starts with a complete redesign of Camiguin Guide and in the next few months, I'll be making more changes.

Neil Yamit

Neil Yamit

Born and raised in Sagay, Camiguin and currently working as a product manager in Cebu. You will find me lurking in Reddit, Twitter and . He shares his passion for technology, music, design & development in his blog and his travel stories in Island Trotters.