Glimpses of Old Camiguin

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I've been so busy developing Island Trotters and one bigger project this past two years that I haven't been able to update Camiguin Guide. Despite this, I keep receiving dozens of inquiries about Camiguin from tourists (first-timers and returning). I figured most of the information here need updating and decided to start cleaning it up with a the same time, letting you guys know that I'm still actively monitoring the site.

While looking for sample photos on Flickr to work on, I found four old-timey snapshots of the commute life in Camiguin -- dated 1951. Photographs by Michael Rougier of Life Magazine and compiled by John Tewell.

Check it out!

Old Camiguin Old Camiguin Old Camiguin Old Camiguin

And if any of you have any old photos of Camiguin, preferably with a story, please share it on the comment section below or email it to me at

Neil Yamit

Neil Yamit

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