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Over the past 3 years, I have been listing the most popular hotels in Camiguin. It was not complete but it offered a good enough preview of the prices and available accommodations (hotels, inns, beach resorts, etc.).

As I try to make the site more informative to potential tourists, I realized the need to rebuild the list. So I decided to unpublish the "Hotels & Accommodations" section while I gather more information. I promise to bring it back up once I have, at least, three hotels re-listed.

The goal is to provide an intuitive and complete listing of available accommodations in Camiguin. The way my work schedule is now, it might take me a couple of months to complete them. I can promise you, though, that it will be complete.

If you have information of hotels, beach resorts, inns, etc., please email me at testt056@gmail.com.


Neil Yamit (neilyamit.com)

Neil Yamit

Neil Yamit

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