A Beautiful Sunset in Sagay, Camiguin

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I went home from Cebu for Christmas and got a chance to take photos and record a 1-minute video of Sagay's beautiful sunset.

It's not unusual to witness such amazing sunset in Sagay, especially during the summer when the mountains shield the seas from strong winds. Thus, serene waves.

These visuals were taken from the rocky beaches of Bugang's Pebbles.

I don't have a powerful camera to capture such amazing sunset and had to make do with a smartphone and a GoPro Hero3. Here are the pics. The first 4 were taken using my phone and the last one with the GoPro.

Sunset in Camiguin Sunset in Camiguin Sunset in Camiguin Sunset in Camiguin Sunset in Camiguin
Neil Yamit

Neil Yamit

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