Camiguin Guide's 2nd year anniversary

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It has been two years since I started working on this website.

The 2nd year may not have been as active as I hoped it to be. For the 3rd year, however, I foresee a lot more activity. I've started setting-up site goals, most of which will be looking back and editing or removing outdated contents.

Here are the goals:

Basically, the next months will be focused on delivering better articles and blogposts to potential tourists.

There's one thing I'm dying to do -- gathering high-quality photos of hotels, resorts, apartelles and any form of accommodation available in Camiguin. Unfortunately, I'm not a photographer. Every time I try to post a new entry, I'm reminded of the lack of good images. This shouldn't be the case. I hope the Department of Tourism-Camiguin appropriate some funds into hiring a good photographer. (In the digital age, high-resolution images make the sale.)

Once again, if you have awesome photos of Camiguin and Camiguinons, please share it. Just email me at (Full credits to you, of course.)

Neil Yamit

Neil Yamit

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