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White Island

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White Island is one of Camiguin's top tourist destination attracting thousands of tourists every year. The island offers a outside view of Camiguin and a unique sea experience.

White Island Camiguin is a sandbar just 2 kilometers from the beaches of Agoho Mambajao Camiguin. It is known to change its shape depending on the ocean tide. Among the common shapes are letters "C", "L" and "J". At times, the sand splits into two or three smaller pockets of white sand. Surrounding it is a lush underwater ecosystem of reefs, fishes and more!

How to get to White Island?

  1. From Camiguin’s capital Mambajao, take a jeep or a multicab ride to Barangay Agoho. The trip usually takes 15-20 minutes. Ask the driver to drop you off the nearest beach to White Island.
  2. One in Agoho, ask the locals for directions to where the boats, locally referred to as “pump boats,” are docked.
  3. Cut a deal with the pump boat driver. The fare is dependent on the number of passengers. It’s usually priced at, at least, PHP 150 ($ 5).
  4. It only takes 5 minutes to get to White Island. Set the pick up time. If you brought a mobile phone with you, ask for the number of the pump boat driver. So you can just call or text him for pick up.

Tips for White Island tourists

You may also want to visit Camiguin's other island -- Mantigue Island.

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