Mantigue Island

Mantigue Island (also known as Magsaysay Island) is a small 4.4-hectare island off the coast of Mahinog. Its beauty lies in the white powdery beaches, its amazing coral reefs and clear blue waters. Considered a marine sanctuary, it has been a frequent spot for diving enthusiasts. Although small, the island has a thriving community of fishermen and seaweed farmers.

Within the island is a small area for tourists to camp. There are tables available for rental and fresh seafood for grilling. You can walk around Mantigue Island's white beaches in less than an hour. (More photos of Mantigue Island on our Facebook Page)

Mantigue Island Camiguin

Getting to Mantigue Island is easy and it's really cheap. Take time in reading the guide below. 

How to Get To Mantigue Island

  1. Go to Brgy. San Roque, Mahinog.
  2. From Mahinog, rent a "pump boat" for the Mahinog-Mantigue-Mahinog trip. The rent will cost you less than PHP 600 for 6 people. (roughly USD 15.00 / 6). The boat will pick you up in 4 hours. If you want to extend your stay, you have to pay PHP 150.00 per hour.
  3. Also pay PHP 20.00 for Municipal & Environmental Fees.


Published on Feb 09, 2014

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